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Welcome to Golden Gate's Online Degrees

  • The following degrees are offered 100% online and are ATS and WASC accredited. 

    Master of Divinity (90 hours)

    Enables students to develop their ministerial leadership identity and skills.

    Diploma in Theology (79 hours)  

    Offers training to those called into full-time ministry who normally have rich life and career experience but lack an undergraduate degree. Its goal is to prepare students for the pastoral ministry and related fields of service. The D.Th. shares all the degree objectives and course work of the M.Div. degree with the exception of the biblical languages requirement

    Master of Theological Studies (49 hours) 

    Provides a basic understanding of the theological disciplines for personal enrichment, ministry enhancement, and further graduate study beyond the degree. 

    Missions Studies Certificate (30 hours)

    The Missions Studies Certificates are designed to fulfill the minimum theological course work required for appointment by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Certificate in Bible Teaching (15 hours)

    Designed to give students greater insight into the content and message of the Bible and ways of presenting the Bible more effectively in various avenues of teaching: Bible Studies, Sunday School, Home Groups, or Personal Discipleship.

    Certificate in Youth Ministry (12 hours)

    Allows students to acquire essential skills for ministering to young people in the 21st century.

    Golden Gate also offers a hybrid Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Degree (49 hours. Students may take up to 50% of the classes online. )

    The MAEL equips students to become competent leaders in the educational ministries of churches, para-church organizations, and denominational agencies. 


    Spring 2014

    S1113-91 Old Testament Introduction II - M. Snearly

    S1113-92 Old Testament Introduction II - M. Snearly

    S1313-91 New Testament Introduction II - M. Robertson

    S2----91 Greek Exegesis of Philippians - S. Veteto

    S2521-91 Biblical Hermeneutics - H. Hahne (2nd 8 Weeks)

    L1112-91 Church History II - J. Waldrop

    L1112-92 Church History II - J.Waldrop

    L1212-91 Christian Theology II  - R. Durst

    P1111-91 Foundations for Ministry (2hrs) - J. Kim- (1st semester course)

    P1116-91 Integration into Ministry - D. Johnson (1st 8 Weeks)

    P1122-91 Leadership in Ministry Practicum II - G. Cole

    P1122-92 Leadership in Ministry Practicum II - G. Cole

    E1314-91 Administration and Church Growth - L. Gainey (2nd 8 Weeks)

    P1916-91 Worship & Music in the Faith Community - G. McCoy

    P1411-91 Introduction to Preaching/Communication - J. Iorg/M. Snearly

    P1512-91 Christian Counseling - D. McCormick

    S2341-91 Romans - R. Melick

    E1112-91 Life Span / Human Growth and Development - S. Melick

    E2727-91 Youth Ministry Leadership - J. Ng (1st 8 Weeks)

    E2709-91 Contextual Youth Ministry - P. Kelly (2nd 8 Weeks)


    Summer 2014 – all courses are eight weeks- June through July (June 2 - July 26)

    P1511-91 Pastoral Ministry (2 hrs) - M. Bradley

    I1113-91 Intercultural Communication (3 hrs) - J. Kim

    I1211-91 Introduction to Missions (3 hrs) - P. Lyngdoh

    I1311-91 Basic Evangelism (2 hrs) - E. Pate


    E3000-91 Spiritual Formation for Children (2 hrs) - S. Melick

    S2360-91 Book of Revelation (2 hrs) - M. Kuykendall


    Fall 2014: Aug 25 - Dec 12, The second 8 weeks of the fall semester are Oct. 13-Dec. 12

    E1111-91 Foundations of Educational Leadership (3hrs) - Gainey (2nd 8 weeks)

    E1113-91 Princ. & Appr. to Bible Teach. (3hrs.) - S. Melick

    E1312-91 Ministry Leadership (2hrs) - Gainey (1st 8 Weeks)

    E1412-91 Educational Ministry of the Church (3hrs) - S. Melick

    E2712-91 Foundations for Youth Ministry (3hrs) Kelly (1st 8 Weeks)

    E2728-91 Contemporary Trends & Cultural Issues in Youth Ministry (3hrs) - Kelly (2nd 8 Weeks)

    I1114-91 Multicultural Ministry (3hrs) - Hoff

    L1111-91 Church History I (3hrs.) - Waldrop

    L1113-91 Baptist Heritage and Practice (2hrs.) - Kuykendall

    L1211-91 Christian Theology I (3hrs.) - Durst

    L1211-92 Christian Theology I (3hrs.) - Hardwicke

    L1411-91 Christian Ethics (2hrs.) - Stanford (1st 8 weeks)

    L2131-91 Classics of Christian Devotion (2hrs) - McCoy (2nd 8 Weeks)

    P1111-91 Foundations for Ministry (2hrs.) - Kim (1st 8 Weeks)

    P1121-91 Leadership in Ministry Practicum (2 hrs) - Cole

    P1121-92 Leadership in Ministry Practicum (2 hrs) – Cole

    P2141-91 Tools for Theological Research (2hrs) Kuykendall/Thiesen

    S1112-91 Old Testament Introduction I (3 hrs.) - Snearly

    S1211-91 Introduction to Old Testament Hebrew (3hrs) - Watson

    S1312-91 New Testament Introduction I (3hrs.) - Robertson

    S1312-92 New Testament Introduction I (3hrs.) - Peach

    S1411-91 Introduction to New Testament Greek (3hrs.) - Veteto


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