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Welcome to Golden Gate's Online Classes

  •  Fall 2014: Aug 25 - Dec 12, The second 8 weeks of the fall semester are Oct. 13-Dec. 12

    E1111-91 Foundations of Educational Leadership (3hrs) - Gainey (2nd 8 weeks)

    E1113-91 Princ. & Appr. to Bible Teach. (3hrs.) - S. Melick

    E1312-91 Ministry Leadership (2hrs) - Gainey (1st 8 Weeks)

    E2728-91 Contemporary Trends & Cultural Issues in Youth Ministry (3hrs) - Kelly (2nd 8 Weeks)

    I1114-91 Multicultural Ministry (3hrs) - Hoff

    L1111-91 Church History I (3hrs.) - Waldrop

    L1113-91 Baptist Heritage and Practice (2hrs.) - Kuykendall

    L1211-91 Christian Theology I (3hrs.) - Durst

    L1211-92 Christian Theology I (3hrs.) - Hardwicke

    L1411-91 Christian Ethics (2hrs.) - Stanford (1st 8 weeks)

    L2131-91 Classics of Christian Devotion (2hrs) - McCoy (2nd 8 Weeks)

    P1111-91 Foundations for Ministry (2hrs.) - Kim (1st 8 Weeks)

    P1121-91 Leadership in Ministry Practicum (2 hrs) - Cole

    P1121-92 Leadership in Ministry Practicum (2 hrs) – Cole

    S1112-91 Old Testament Introduction I (3 hrs.) - Snearly

    S1112-92 Old Testament Introduction I (3 hrs.) - Snearly

    S1211-91 Introduction to Old Testament Hebrew (3hrs) - Watson

    S1312-91 New Testament Introduction I (3hrs.) - Robertson

    S1312-92 New Testament Introduction I (3hrs.) - Peach

    S1411-91 Introduction to New Testament Greek (3hrs.) - Veteto

    Spring 2015 Feb. 2-May 22, The second 8 weeks of the spring semester are March 23-May 22

    E1112-91 Life Span / Human Growth and Development (3hrs) -S. Melick

    E1211-91 Public Speaking for Christian Educators (3hrs) - Kelly (2nd 8 Weeks)

    E1314-91 Administration and Church Growth (2hrs) - Gainey (2nd 8 Weeks)

    E1412-91 Educational Ministry of the Church (3hrs) - S. Melick

    E2727-91 Youth Ministry Leadership (3hrs) -Ng (1st 8 Weeks)

    I2220-91 Mission Strategy and Paul’s Paradigms (3hrs) -Dent

    L1112-91 Church History II (3hrs) - Waldrop

    L1212-91 Christian Theology II (3hrs) - Durst

    L1212-92 Christian Theology II (3hrs)-Hardwicke

    P1111-91 Foundations for Ministry (2hrs) -J. Kim (1st 8 Weeks)

    P1116-91 Integration into Ministry (2hrs) - Fitzpatrick (1st 8 Weeks)

    P1122-91 Leadership in Ministry Practicum II (2hrs) -Cole

    P1122-92 Leadership in Ministry Practicum II (2hrs) - Cole

    P1411-91 Intro. to Preaching/Communication (3hrs) -Abney

    P1512-91 Intro. to Christian Counseling(3hrs)- Steele

    P1916-91 Worship & Music in the Faith Community (3hrs) -McCoy

    S1113-91 Old Testament Introduction II (3hrs)-Snearly

    S1113-92 Old Testament Introduction II (3hrs)-Snearly

    S1313-91 New Testament Introduction II (3hrs)-Robertson

    S1313-92 New Testament Introduction II (3hrs) - Peach

    S2241-91 Hebrew Exegesis: Ruth (2hrs) - Watson

    S2332-91 Acts of the Apostles(3hrs)-Kuykendall

    S2436-91 Greek Exegesis:Thessalonian Correspondence (2hrs) -Veteto

    S2521-91 Biblical Hermeneutics (2hrs) -Hahne (2nd 8 Weeks)

    Summer 2015  June 1-July 24

    I1113-91 Intercultural Communication (3hrs) - Kim

    I1211-91 Introduction to Missions (3hrs) - Lyngdoh

    I1311-91 Basic Evangelism (2hrs) - Pate

    P1511-91 Pastoral Ministry (2hrs) - Bradley


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